Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Wanted: New Democrat Candidate for Michigan Governor

The Democrat Party of Michigan is looking for a qualified candidate for governor to replace the party's front runner that essentially had to drop out of the race because he was too closely associated with its current Disaster in Chief, Jennifer Granholm and, of course, because he is a blathering idiot all on his own.

John Cherry, Michigan's current Lieutenant Governor, is trailing in the polls against all three of the major Republican candidates in the race.

I doubt whoever the Democrats pick to replace Cherry will fare any better, because whoever does get selected will be facing a hard to overcome catch-22.

It will be hard for any well-known democrat candidate to win election in the fall as well known democrats will be too closely associated with the misery of Michigan after seven long years of Granholm. Yet, any candidate who can successfully slough off any association with Granholm will have almost zero name recognition, also virtually guaranteeing a sound defeat come next November.

I am personally disappointed to see Cherry drop out because if he had stayed in the race he was a near shoo-in for the nomination, and a near lock to be blown out of the water by any of the slate of more conservative Republicans running against him.

h/t Dennis Lennox

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