Monday, February 01, 2010

Unfirable Teacher in New York

"This is not an ideal system, but given the realities of cumbersome state laws and the union contract, we need to balance our obligation to safeguard children with our legal obligation of fairness to teachers."
Of course missing in this discussion is any seeming obligation to provide fairness to taxpayers who are forced to overpay abusive non-teaching teachers so that they can be protectively housed far away from the children they were originally hired to teach.

It is beyond time for voters to take back the public school system from misguided unions and entrenched bureaucrats who willfully negotiate the taxpayers into unwinnable situations.

h/t Overlawyered


A Conservative Teacher said...

As a member of the entrenched union and a misguided bureaucray, I agree with you. On my website, I frequently detail the indoctrination of our youth by public school teachers.

The Rougman said...

Some of my favorite people are teachers. A vast majority of them are wonderful people who work hard every day at what they do.

Having said that, we need a system in place that allows only good teachers access to the classroom, a system that encourages willing students to learn, and a system that is cost effective and unlikely to become insolvent during every budget cycle.

Right now, I'm afraid, we are either failing or nearly failing on all three counts.