Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pure Michigan To Expand


A taxpayer funded advertising campaign originally created to attract tourists to our fair state is now going to be expanded to attract permanent residents to Michigan.

Michigan has a lot to offer, that is, if you don't count a lack of jobs, a business environment unlikely to create them, and a population of such low self esteem that it intentionally elected Jennifer Granholm as its governor...twice.

Michigan is having a difficult time hanging on to the residents it already has. It has difficulty employing them, keeping them safe, or educating their children. It habitually raises their taxes and provides them with fewer services for those ever higher taxes.

Why wouldn't the vibrant family of today want to move here?

Pure Michigan is an award winning campaign that purposefully does not advertise Michigan at its purest--a state anchored to an industry it helped to choke yesterday, but fully content to wait on the jobs of tomorrow.

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