Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reid's Racial Remark

The question has to be, at its core, whether or not Harry Reid made his remarks out of a racist intent. Not whether his bumbling words were sincere or whether they were offensive to some people. The question has to be whether Harry Reid is a racist and what he intended by his statement.

His record in the Senate would indicate that Reid is a bumbling nincompoop with a hand in the taxpayer till. He is a poor leader, poorly spoken, poor model, and has a piss poor record when it comes to pushing legislation that makes any economic sense. His long political career would not indicate that he is a racist.

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid apologized on Saturday for saying Barack Obama should seek — and could win — the White House because Obama was a "light skinned" African-American "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."
Reid might be a language bumbler, and he might be an obtuse ass, but his comments do nothing more than expose him as someone who has noticed that Obama has light skin and does not speak with a black English vernacular.

This statement is no more racist than me noticing that Jimmy Carter has skin that looks like an ostrich boot and talks like a hick. Both of which are true.

I think Harry Reid is a dipstick of dangerous proportions. He has managed to use his position of power to enrich himself while selling America to the Chinese government. He is without moral direction, without historical perspective, and without a smidgen of economic wherewithal. He might also be an ignorant yahoo when it comes to race, but none of these things, in and of themselves, make the man a racist.

He is not a racist unless he feels himself superior to other races, or hates other races based simply on differences. His comments do not reflect this.

As The Blog Prof points out, there appears to be a lot of hypocrisy floating about when it comes to comparing Reid's current tongue tangling with that of other incidents where utterers were summarily condemned by those willing to fall all over themselves to accept Sen. Reid's apology.

All things considered though, it is fun to watch Reid grovel.

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