Friday, January 15, 2010

Great Idea: Let's Create a Security Issue in Every Major US City!

This from the Associated Press and USAToday:

The Obama administration is considering a trial in Washington for one of the most notorious Guantanamo Bay terrorism suspects.

Officials tell The Associated Press that Hambali, an Indonesian linked to Osama bin Laden, is one of several detainees being considered for Washington trials. Others are being considered for New York City. Hambali is the suspected mastermind of a 2002 Bali nightclub bombing that killed 202 people.
Humbali was arrested in Thailand in early 2004. He was shortly thereafter turned over to the CIA.

Humbali was an important cog in al Qaeda's machinery. He was a close associate of Khalid Shaikh Mohammad. He was instrumental in the planning and direction of widespread terror throughout much of southeast Asia.

As a potential soon-to-be civilian defendant, some questions must be asked.

Was Humbali read his rights when he was arrested? Was he granted legal representation in accordance to US law? Were any of his civil rights violated during the course of his arrest or his incarceration? How much information gleaned from this pecker will have to be thrown out because it was obtained through enhanced interrogation techniques?

To add insult to this, how much money will have to be spent on additional security if this terrorist is tried in US civilian court? (Estimates for the New York trials of Guantanamo inmates are more than $75 million.)

Why does he even qualify for a civilian trial in the US? He is not an American. He was not captured in America. He was not arrested by American forces. He has never, to my knowledge, stepped foot on American soil. He is not, by virtue of his terrorist operations, a qualified candidate for treatment under the Geneva Conventions.

Yet our government is considering trying him as a civilian in Washington, DC.


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