Wednesday, January 13, 2010

John Conyers Doth Protest Too Much

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Not that it matters one whit to Attorney General Eric Holder, but Rep. John Conyers of Detroit thinks that he may have met the enemy, and that enemy might be the FBI.

From the Freep:

Detroit Congressman John Conyers is asking U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for his personal assurance that the death of a Muslim leader in a shootout with FBI agents in Dearborn will be “rigorous, thorough and transparent.”

Conyers, a Democrat who serves as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to Holder today that also called for the Civil Rights Division to investigate whether the FBI has violated First Amendment freedoms by using undercover agents in mosques and other houses of worship.
Conyers' concerns are, of course, without impact on Holder as he is going to do what he wants to do regardless of whatever the obtuse Conyers implores, but Conyers' concerns speak volumes about several things; his God-like status among those who continue to vote him back into office election after election, his deep seeded hatred of and distrust for law enforcement, and his inability to fathom not only the danger of domestic radical Islam but how to fight it in a proactive manner. (Incidentally, if you think John hates law enforcement, wait until his trophy wife has an opportunity to speak.)

I do not heckle Conyers for his desire to have a thorough investigation. In fact, I agree with that. I think we all want the investigation to be thorough, complete, and even more transparent than Barack Obama's health care orchestration has been.

We all want to know what went on in that warehouse back in October. We all want to be assured that our agents follow all laws designed to protect us from government tyranny. We all want to make certain that during raids such as these that reasonable measures are taken to minimize the loss of life. But, when the FBI entered that warehouse and when reportedly Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah opened fire, the chances for loss of life rose exponentially.

A thorough investigation, the type that John Conyers says that he wants, will answer all appropriate questions and address our concerns.

However, Conyers doth protest too much. Saudi Arabia and other wealthy oil nations are the primary purveyors of fundamentalist violent jihad all over the world. They have exported this terrorism onto every continent where Islam resides. The Fort Hood shooter was connected to a radical cleric as were the terrorists in London, Madrid, Mumbai, Bali, Jakarta, Beslan, and on and on. With this importation has come heightened awareness, at least for those of us without flat EEGs.

For Conyers to even hint that the USA is unfairly targeting Muslims by monitoring suspected mosques emboldens our enemies, and these guys don't need any more nerve. He fans distrust and does his best to make our anti-terrorism efforts to appear anti-Muslim in nature.

Worse, if the undercover investigations of radicalized mosques become a legal taboo, our country will be forever relegated to playing defense against an aggressive killer, and prevention will quickly take a back seat to picking up body parts at the crime scene.

I prefer that we step in before the bomb goes off. As would, I think, most Americans.

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