Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trijicon Makes the Prudent Decision

I would never suggest that Trijicon invite its own insolvency by telling world armies to go elsewhere to purchase rifle scopes. I simply feel it is too bad that it cannot.

It would be very interesting to witness just how far world armies would go to rid themselves of all Christian references in pursuit of Muslim and atheist appeasement. The Fort Hood massacre was indicative of at least a tepid willingness by some within its ranks to put military personnel in danger for the purpose of political correctness and cultural appeasement.

Would the armed forces of the US put an inferior product in the hands of its military personnel in order to avoid angering Muslims; a religion that should be noted has many adherents screaming "Aluha akbar" as they blow themselves up among civilians and gun down unarmed Fort Hood personnel. Would New Zealand?

This is financially the most prudent decision Trijinic could have made. Everyone knows that it had to make it, and everyone knows too that it was going to make it.

It is not, however, the most interesting decision that could have been made.

My guess is that there is more than a few higher ups today thankfully wiping their brows.

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