Thursday, January 07, 2010

Stupak a Potential Gubernatorial Candidate?

WCMU reported this evening that House Rep. Bart Stupak (D-union hall) is being considered by some within the Democrat Party as a potential gubernatorial candidate in light of John Cherry's inability to get his political record surgically removed from his political aspirations.

I have not had an opportunity to think much about this yet, but it would be my guess that Bart would be the most formidable candidate the Democrats could put forward this year.

Bart represents much that is wrong with this state. He is drastically pro union, pro spending, pro government intervention, pro taxes, and anti business. What makes him a dangerous candidates to the Republicans is that on about 10 per cent of the issues he votes more conservatively, and these votes have been very public.

He is pro-life, pro-nuclear, and pro-guns/hunting. These are lynch pin issues that will attract a fair amount of one dimensional voters who would be added to a huge monolithic liberal voting bloc that would vote democrat if Sponge Bob were on the democrat ticket.

I have not investigated Michigan's rules as to how this would affect his house seat and whether he can run for both offices concurrently. If he does not run again in Michigan's 1st district I can see the Democrats having difficulty hanging on to the seat.

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