Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Just For the Fame

Another maladjusted narcissist takes the lives of others in a big bang designed to do nothing else than to create fame for the shooter.

And the media are more than willing to provide.

As I said after the last shooting of this type, we need to deny these murderous bastards any personal attention. Sure, report the event. Report the dead. Report the tragedy in its fullest but for one not provide the shooter one ounce of fame. Deny him. No picture. No name. No headstone. Nothingness.

News of the Omaha shooting has gone world wide, as it should. Tragedies of this type will be reported. But the picture and name of the perpetrator should be squelched by a self-censoring media.

As evidence of the worldwide spread of this story, the BBC has an article on their website (that I will not link to because it provides him the fame he so desired) that refers to the cretin's want of glory mentioned in his suicide note:

The note went on to say he wanted to be famous, she said.
This underneath his now world-known face and name.

Today the next shooter is cleaning his weapon and practicing on targets. Just for the fame.

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