Friday, December 21, 2007

The Episcopal Church

Two interesting posts by Christopher Johnson at the Midwestern Conservative Journal. The first, Stepping In It, refers to the Archbishop of Canterbury's feeling that much of the Christmas story is little more than a "legend." Johnson is quite familiar with Rowan Williams, the Archbishop, and he is not at all surprised.

One could argue that chipping away at this or that aspect of the story undermines the reliability of the Gospel accounts. And if one is permitted to "reinterpret" minor aspects of the story, major ones may soon come under suspicion. Including the most important part of all.

Once again, all this is standard-issue leftist western Anglican thinking and is the reason that people are beating down the doors of Church of England, Anglican Church of Canada and Episcopal churches these days[/sarcasm]. Dr. Williams may have been his usual clumsy, tone-deaf self but I don't see anything here that warrants such a firestorm.
The second article is titled Ichabod and it discusses the Rev. Anne Fowler's personal testimony on why abortion was just peachy for her and why it might be just as peachy for everyone else. As Johnson writes:
The Rev. Anne Fowler demonstrates once again that the Episcopal "Church" is no longer Christian in any meaningful sense[...]

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