Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cleveland Shooting and Fame

Another misfit takes action, this time in Cleveland.

This event, like the VT shooting, Columbine, etc. should be treated in a manner that creates no fame for the shooter. Sure, report the violence, report the victims, report all the pertinent information surrounding the tragedy. Hey, even report what the shooter was like, what his struggles were and what were his hangups.

But, do not report the name of the shooter and do not put up his picture. Try and deny the shooter even an ounce of fame for his dealings. Will that help with this shooting? No. But, I cannot help but wonder wonder if the VT killer would have taken down so many had he gone to the grave anonymously. In this country right now there are dozens of stupid kids contemplating this very action, and some of them want to drive home a message when they finally do act.

We must remove fame as an incentive for these murderous cretins.

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