Monday, December 24, 2007

Will Smith Speaks

If you ever needed an excuse to miss the movie "I am Legend" starring Will Smith, Smith himself might provide you with adequate reason.

Actors are people naturally gifted with panache and self-esteem (sometimes unnecessarily.) Rich actors are able to add to that arsenal a platform in which to use the first two gifts. Unfortunately, actors are no more gifted than the salesman, the farmer, the engineer, the housewife, the auto worker, the doctor, the retiree, the architect, the teacher, the clerk, the butcher, the baker or the friggen candlestick maker when it comes to things such as intelligence, analytical ability, or common sense. Actors simply have the gall to say whatever flies into one ear and a tall soapbox from which to project that minuscule thought onto the rest of us.

So, when Will Smith tells you that Hitler was basically a good person, you can be quite certain that Mr. Smith, though a good actor, heaped in self esteem, loaded with flair and blessed with riches, is little more than an arrogant and distressingly loud idiot.

h/t to LX in the Right Michigan comments

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