Tuesday, December 04, 2007


A lot has been said about the conference in Annapolis that was ramrodded into being by the likes of Condi Rice and George Bush. Organized to get the mid-east peace process back on track again, this particular conference had more to say about the US and President Bush than it had potential for any substantive solutions. Olmert is gravely unpopular in Israel while Abbas doesn't even represent Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza. According to some, the most positive development of the conference took place before it even began as Saudi Arabia agreed to participate.

It gave a lot of people the warm fuzzies to think that everyone on all sides would be sitting together at the same table breaking bread, discussing issues and moving forward together in peace.

Or not.

Powerline has a short post on the conference that points out the depths the US is willing to delve in order to appear to the world that it is a peacemaker.

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