Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Take on the Democrat Debate

I was unfortunately exposed to some of the Democrat debate earlier today.

It becomes clearer to me every time I am so exposed that I have very little in common with the modern Democrat Party. I am also convinced that the founding fathers had even less in common with this generation's collection of socialist utopians and nannystate activists.

There is not an existing problem in this country or on the face of this Earth for that matter, that the blathering leftists on the panel of rhetoricians do not have a solution for--and each of these solutions involves taking money from citizens and redistributing that income to the laboratory of social experimentation. And, even when they do absently recognize that families and individuals have some responsibility for our society's outcomes, they ricochet off that notion headlong into even more eloquent platitudes that describe why people cannot survive without the government's benevolent hand.

According to that esteemed group health care is a civil right, schools are failing because they are underfunded, all of our foreign policy problems are the cause of cowboy diplomacy and our disrespect of other cultures, corporations are evil and we must take our democracy back. We need to tax more, fund more, regulate more, legislate more, mandate more, steer more and talk more. Oh, and Iowa is a really cool place.

At one point toward the end John Edwards even had the audacity to proclaim that the founding fathers did not intend for things to turn out this way--as if they would embrace the socialist policies of Edwards and remove from citizens the responsibilities of self preservation and sustenance and place these sacred charges on the doorstep of government--like some abandoned baby, which is probably where pre-Kindergarten comes in, now that I think of it.

My personal opinion is that if any of the founding fathers ever met John Edwards in an alley he would get his ass beaten for uttering such a blatant misrepresentation. And for the hair.

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