Monday, December 17, 2007

From Congressman Bart Stupak

From the right flap of the good Congressman's PDF file delivered to me in my e-mail:

Congressman Bart Stupak
Wants to Hear From You!

1. The war in Iraq is not working and I'm fighting in
Congress to change the course. I want to hear what
you think. Do you believe we should:

___Stay the course

___Continue to fund the war, but set a timetable

___Redeploy our troops

___Immediately withdraw

___Other: ___________________________
Mr. Stupak, it is less than honest to submit a form to me that requires my agreement with your assessment that "the war in Iraq is not working" when it is my intent to give you an honest answer while also disagreeing with your opinion.

Things in Iraq are working. Please stay the course.

1 comment:

gopfrank said...

I agree the opinion that the war is failing is based more on Bart's political position and his ties to Pelosi and his failed leadership. Even Levin says the surge is working. You stay the Bart! It's the blind leading the blind.