Friday, December 14, 2007

Anarchists and Christians UNITE!

An article today in FrontPageMag highlights that oddest of marriages between St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Baltimore, with Red Emma's, an activist group of anarchists. A portion of the story:

Red Emma's, an anarchist bookstore and café in Baltimore, has come to the rescue of struggling St. Paul's United Methodist Church, whose originally female pastor now claims to be a man.

The Baltimore Sun published an entertaining piece on November 27 about the new anarcho-Methodist partnership, though it omitted the transsexual angle. "Anarchists and Methodists may seem like unlikely business partners," the Sun reported understatedly. But this "quirky venture" has brought "new energy" to the small congregation, whose doors might otherwise shut without the infusion of anarchist funds.

"It's a crazy little project," anarchist Kate Khatib of Red Emma's explained to the Sun. "There are not many churches that would reach out to a bunch of crazy anarchists, and there are not many anarchists that would reach out to a bunch of crazy Methodists."
I suppose though that partnerships among crazies are a bit more common than partnerships formed between crazies and people of more lucid texture.

After reading the whole article I couldn't help but wonder which namesake would be least pleased with such a partnership--St. Paul or Red Emma?

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