Sunday, December 06, 2009

What Kind of a Business?

I found this interesting in today's Detroit News:

The union is asking its members to ratify a pact that includes teacher evaluations for the first time and a school-based bonus system to get incentives for improved educator performance.
What kind of a business could you hope to run if a majority of its employees were never evaluated and if outstanding performance could not be rewarded any more lucratively than the worst performing apple in the barrel?

My guess is that it would be the kind of business that failed to produce a product meeting the most basic quality control standards about 75% of the time, and would meet those miserable production levels while going millions of dollars farther in debt every year.

Teachers unions are worried about due process. Where is this protection for the thousands of children every year who are failed by the Detroit Public School System? Somewhere along the line school in Detroit became about instructors and not about students.

We might be lucky things are only as as bad as they are and not worse.


Marv said...

Due Process?
Do their jobs correctly and they won't have to be concerned about "due process"

The Rougman said...

Doing their job correctly is not what teachers are best at in the DPS, at least if this article is any indication:

But then, I suppose people are always better off sticking to what they are good at.