Friday, December 11, 2009

Taxpayers to Foot Bill for Nazi's Cosmetics

A neo-Nazi will have his facial tattoos concealed at taxpayer expense to ensure the tattoos aren't prejudicial to a jury hearing his trial for murder and attempted murder. The cost to taxpayers is about $150 per day.

John Allen Ditullio wasn't too worried about the prejudicial attitudes his Nazi tattoos would elicit among those he met on the streets, his neighbors, or those who is alleged to have attacked. In fact, several of his most conspicuous tattoos were inked after he was arrested for murder, so the aim of his tattoos was to promote prejudice.

I know that we want to get the right people for this crime, and if Ditullio is innocent we do not want him given the needle because of his ink. I also think that facts are important here, and face painted swastikas would seem to be important in establishing Ditullio's character.

He is who he is.

In the end though I would think that a vast network of neo Nazis would be able to come up with a few bucks to apply makeup to the suspect's face.

h/t Debbie Schlussel

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