Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NYC To Get Terrorist Security Stimulus Boost

Or something.

Initial security cost estimates for the the trial of five Gitmo terrorists in NYC are significantly low, this according to police commissioner Ray Kelly. Of course, the initial guess was a paltry $75 million.

The NYPD says there aren't enough officers to handle trial security, so much of the cost will come from overtime and it will be impossible to accomplish without federal funds.
The decisions to hold civilian trials for these enemy combatants on American soil, and to close the detention facility at Gitmo are looking more and more foolish as time goes on.

It is time for the President to cut his losses and embrace the Guantanamo detention center as the safest, most cost effective, and most efficient venue in which to both house and try these terrorists. Nothing good can come out of this move onto American soil, that is, other than the long procession of embarrassing and dangerous incidents that will undoubtedly attach themselves to the President's sour puss over the next couple of years.

As a person that has thoroughly enjoyed this president's many embarrassments, I don't think comedic relief is enough of an incentive for even me to encourage him on this course of ultimate ridicule.

Please Mr. President, do the right thing. Change course. Announce that Club Gitmo will stay open. Tell Europe to kiss your ass.

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