Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DNR Spins Hunting Safety

While a horrible economy wreaks havoc on every portion of Michigan's economy, it is never above the bureaucrats in Lansing to do a little self-promotion. This was Michigan's safest firearm season ever recorded according to glowing DNR reports in Lansing.

“Most of the credit goes to the nearly 3,000 Michigan volunteer Hunter Education instructors across the state,” said Jon Wood, program supervisor for the DNR’s Hunter Education Program. “Without their dedication and professionalism, the sport of hunting would not be as safe as it is now.”
Of course, as it turns out, 2009 was also one of the safer deer hunting seasons for the prey as well. The 2009 deer harvest is estimated to be down 10%-20% from last year.

I am all for safety, and I don't suggest that hunter's safety training isn't integral to a state's ability to reduce accidents. So, wear orange, big guy!

But, the most important factor in reducing hunting accidents is a drop in the number of hunting participants. Fewer hunters, fewer targets, fewer projectiles...voila!...fewer accidents. It is hard to view these developments as anything but a sad failure for not only those in charge of Michigan's statehouse, but also the DNR who is charged with the promotion of hunting and the preservation of a healthy game population.

Funny, I don't see the DNR puffing its chest out over that one.

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