Monday, December 07, 2009

Bad Cop, Worse Cop

John Francois Heinz-Kerry (D-Marriage Windfall) is warning Congressional leaders that if they do not take up climate change legislation very soon that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will have to act on its own and, as everyone knows, the EPA is a "blunt instrument" that would make it even tougher on industry than would the benevolent overlords of Congress. Heinz-Kerry loves industry and would hate to see anything happen to it.

The Environmental Protection Agency has concluded greenhouse gases are endangering people's health and must be regulated, signaling that the Obama administration is prepared to contain global warming without congressional action if necessary.
All of this is, of course, timed to coincide with the butt-cheek clenched global bureaucracy meetings that began today in Copenhagen. The goals of the climate change gathering of world socialists is to get countries to agree to goals on the limiting of emissions of green house gasses and to provide a framework in which dynamic world economies will provide global welfare to countries that have a long history of choosing tyrants and butt-cheek clenching socialists as their leaders.

Heinz-Kerry says that if we don't let him and his control freak brethren set limits on how our houses are heated and insulated, how our cars are fueled and how fast they drive, and on how our our electricity is produced and how our appliances use the electricity, that the EPA is going to be even worse than Congress!

Watts Up With That has more.

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