Friday, December 18, 2009

A Smaller Fish in a Much Smaller Pond

It is thrilling.


In the domestic auto industry, Michigan used to be the biggest fish in a very big pond. Now it has to give away money it does not have in the mere hopes of being a competitive fish in a much smaller pond. This because government, labor, and the big three were too dumb to take care of the pond they used to have.

Michigan's pinheaded political, labor, and business leaders have nearly destroyed its signature industry through regulation, irrational labor costs, and mismanagement.

Consumers became an afterthought to an industry more interested in churning out overpriced crap than it was interested in providing value to consumers who worked in other industries where sane compensation levels were not controlled by maladjusted labor goons begging for the apocalypse. If that isn't true, how else can you explain the Vega, Maverick, and Pacer?

Now, after the collapse has occurred, all three members of that nincompoopish triad are fighting over the scraps of a new industry that at its peak may only amount to a fraction of the industry they once used to blindly and thoughtlessly control.

In celebration I've come up with a new motto for our fair state.

Michigan...we're willing to tie a hunk of meat around our necks so the dogs will play with us. (I hope they don't bite the throat.)
It's a bit wordy, not at all original, and I doubt it will ever fit on a license plate. Which, come to think of it, is sort of appropriate.

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