Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An AGW Nightmare

Well, not a nightmare so much as incidents that, if paid any heed, might indicate clearly to those who care to notice that man, in all his resident glory, is not the true controller of everything climate.

Watts Up With That has two articles today that discuss some potentially climate affecting incidents over which man has not one iota of control. A volcanic eruption in the Philippines, and some new sunspots on that little noticed ball of fire we have in the sky.

A single major volcanic eruption would produce more climate affectations than man could even attempt to cause in a decade or two, and an extended eruption of sunspots could potentially rain down on this planet enough energy to melt mile thick ice sheets that took thousands of years to form.

Meanwhile, despite the approval for the building of a clean coal electrical generation facility near Bay City in Michigan, two additional plants remain on hold because of their potential to affect the Earth's climate.

The single approval was enough to spur a disappointed Clean Water Action Michigan Director Cyndi Roper to lament:

“The federal government has declared coal pollutants a threat to human health. Every other state is investing in clean energy, creating jobs and turning away from coal,” Roper said in the statement.
Somewhere, the Gods of volcano and sun are busting a gut.

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