Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What "Fixing How Government Funds Itself" Means

I hear a lot about "the way government funds itself" as being broken or sadly out of date. I've even used the term myself because I like to be on the cutting edge of commentary.

What is usually meant by this in reality has little to do with anything other than the amount of funds that are being collected. If revenue streams are growing the funding systems are just fine, thank you very much. If regulation or extreme taxation chokes off a portion of the revenue stream, then obviously another revenue stream must open up.

This is how government funding goes akilter--it is typically the result of government tax legislators chasing around money like we kids of old used to chase mercury around in the palms of our hands. After a while the mercury falls on the floor and Mom yells at you.

When a bureaucrat announces that "the way Michigan funds public schools is broken, and we encourage the Legislature to make it a top priority to fix it," it simply is a more antiseptic way of saying that taxes need to be raised, and it has nothing to do with methods or "the way" of anything.

It simply means, "We want more."


Matt said...

The same goes for whenever liberals call for "reform". It doesn't mean streamline, reorganize, prioritize, retrench, or any such idea, no, it always means extract more money!

The Rougman said...

Every. Single. Time.