Thursday, December 10, 2009

Granholm Blinked

When Gov. Granholm threatened an additional cut of $127 per student for school funding this year beyond what was agreed to in the 2010 budget process, Republicans accused her of using children as pawns in an effort to force Republicans to pass tax increases.

Republicans, including Sen. Majority Leader Mike Bishop were perplexed by the Governor's move because they were confident that the painful cuts already put in place would be enough to sustain the system for at least the upcoming school year.

Granholm was undaunted and traveled the state in a publicity blitz designed to apply pressure to Republican lawmakers. Save the children and all that. Many school districts began making plans to cut educational and support staffs based on Granholm's threats.

Now we find that perhaps Granholm was a bit more full of herself (and crap) than she was letting on. So, while schools still go through the process of making the additional cuts, Granholm is backing down on the rhetoric.

Local educators say they'll likely proceed with plans to make millions of dollars in cuts to staff and programs, even though Gov. Jennifer Granholm is holding off on a $127 per-student cut from state aid to school districts.

Area superintendents are encouraged that Granholm says there's more money in state coffers than was projected -- but don't know for sure that the state cuts won't go through later in the year.

"The bottom line is that the Legislature has been irresponsible, and that includes the governor and both parties," Rockford Public Schools Superintendent Michael Shibler said Thursday.

"And if it turns out that the governor was using the K-12 students as pawns, that's just beyond disappointing."
I personally find it difficult to be disappointed in anything this governor does any more.

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