Friday, March 07, 2008

A United Nations Mystery

How critical to our world is the United Nations when it cannot even pass a simple resolution condemning the savage murder of eight innocent students in Jerusalem?

Seriously, what is the value of an organization that cannot even do that?

Heck, over lunch I could get 15 boneheads from Matt Gillard's office to accomplish that much. Yet, the UN would love to get larger and assume more and more world authority for the betterment of mankind. They want to settle disputes. Feed the poor. Clothe the needy. Wipe out disease and famine. No problem is ever too large or small for the UN to dream it is capable of mastering.

But what has this glorified body ever accomplished outside of providing Kojo Annan with a brand spankin' new Mercedes-Benz?

Their peacemaking capabilities are certainly lacking. In Rwanda they bugged out rather than protect the innocent. In Srebrenica they didn't bug out, they witnessed the massacre. In Lebanon their crack troops do little more that document the smuggling of new weapons into the powder keg, and in the Sudan they stumbled over the bodies of some 70,000 dead villagers before declaring that what was occurring was not genocide. I think you'd get more attention from the Michigan DNR over 70,000 floating fish than the UN has ever given dead Africans.

Their relief missions are teemed with corruption and naivety as evidenced in the Oil for Food scandal, and their Somali food distribution endeavors which have essentially done little more than hand food over to warring militias while cutting local farm prices.

Oh sure, the UN is good for at least one thing—the wagging of arrogant fingers at liberty loving countries. The US has been on the receiving end of a lot of aggressive wagging lately for daring to house terrorists in detention camps (that by my way of thinking have to be absolutely plush when compared to your average Afghani cave.) Israel has been wagged at a lot too for using disproportionate force when striking back at terrorists—terrorists that intentionally set up shop in civilian areas to reap the huge bounty of even more invigorated UN finger wagging when civilians predictably die. If proportionate force was practiced like the UN envisions it, you couldn’t kill more than two hornets from a nest that just stung you twice in the ass. When I retaliate against hornets I spray the whole nest.

UN finger wagging could heat Detroit if someone ever made a turbine large enough to harness all of that carbon free action.

Which brings us back to yesterday's failed attempt to condemn a terrorist act in Jerusalem where innocent victims were intentionally killed. If the UN cannot get that smidgen of a project done, what giant world task should we place on their shoulders next?

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