Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Quiet Jihad

More than two months after honor killing his two teenage daughters in Irving, Texas, Yasser Abdul Said is still on the loose.

This is a dark story that bears repeating and it is also a story that has not been completely told.

It’s another face of jihad. These men come here from Egypt, they marry American women in order to become American citizens. The American wives convert to Islam. Then, they have Muslim children who are natural-born American citizens — but who are raised to hate America and to want to live under shari’a law. Then, these men expect their teen-age American daughters to marry much older Muslim men from Egypt in arranged marriages. I know that Yasser wanted Amina to marry someone from Egypt.
The jihad comes in many forms and not all of them involve the fiery crashes of jetliners into skyscrapers or the murdering of teenage girls. Yet, the tactics of Yasser Abdul Said and countless other Muslim immigrant men in America, long before they ever father their first children, are part of a quiet jihad.

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