Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Granholm Not Moving on Kwame Kilpatrick

Don't look to Gov. Granholm to short circuit what is bound to be one of the most negative media stories to hit Detroit in decades--at least not yet.

From the AP and Lansing State Journal:

DETROIT - Gov. Jennifer Granholm says she doesn't have much to say about the criminal case against Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, citing the possibility she could have a role to play in the situation down the road.

Granholm has the power to remove local officials for misconduct.

The Democratic governor said today she would prefer not to discuss the issue other than to say she wants to allow the legal process to go forward.
Well, that legal process is going to go forward whether Kwame has his hands on the reins (or his heel on the throat) of the city or not. What is important here is the damage the city and state will certainly suffer if more and more people around the nation and world are given the chance to concentrate on our beloved city of Detroit and the current group of narcissistic crooks that run the joint. Detroit is so messed up it could be used by Mahmoud Abbas as an example to the entire Middle East that things could be much worse. "At lease we're not Detroit."

Kwame Kilpatrick has made his intentions clear--he is not going to resign. He is going to drag this out as long as he can. He is waiting for vindication and exoneration. He is going to try every legal maneuver in the book that he can, and if worse comes to worse there will be the inevitable race card--a card he has played frequently and with skill.

The citizens of Michigan do not expect the Governor to pronounce Kwame Kilpatrick guilty of the charges that have been brought against him for that is the responsibility of the legal system. However, it is well within the authority of the Governor to remove Mayor Kilpatrick based on the evidence that she has, and her knowledge of the difficulties the city will encounter if it has to operate with its most prominent political figurehead fighting to stay out of prison.

Step up to the plate Governor Granholm and do what is best for Detroit. Let the nation and world know that even politicians in Michigan have some standards.

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