Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Posting

I will not be posting today for reasons relating to an afternoon meeting gone awry, a children's play at the school tonight, and a "resealable" Azteca 8 pack of flour tortillas that refused to reseal as advertised and consequently set me back an additional $7.40 in the design and manufacture of a combination duct tape/epoxy backup seal apparatus--this, of course, before any long term medical bills or counseling services can be added up.


Never buy tortillas made in Illinois.


stonehands said...


But we got the Wings (w/ Mac back tonight!) and the NCAA tourney to occupy our entertainment desires over the weekend.

(Next time, buy a frozen pizza!)

Anonymous said...

Better yet, make a quick run to your local Papa Johns! Those are great pizzas, let me tell you! (You do have a nearby Papa Johns, no?)


The Rougman said...

The last frozen pizza I purchased had the plastic seal and, what tasted like a plastic crust, broken in two halves. A smarter man living within twenty miles of a store open past 8:00 pm at night would have taken it back. I'm not and I don't so I didn't.

After cooking for the instructed time, about one third of the cheese and toppings had oozed its way through the fissure and onto the oven's floor where the magma burned to the surface in a blackened heap of machine processed igneous foodstuff.

And seriously, do you guys really want to talk about pizza delivery services in Oscoda County?