Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monica Conyers Needs More Info

The Detroit City Council overwhelming passed a resolution yesterday asking for the resignation of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. The measure passed 7-1 with the lone dissenting vote belonging to one Monica Conyers. Does that name sound familiar?

Monica Conyers is the overloud and bar brawling wife of US Rep. John Conyers.

From the Detroit News:

Conyers said her "no" vote on the resignation resolution wasn't an act of support for the mayor; she said she needed more information before she'd be willing to seek his resignation. "Let's stop playing symbolic games with symbolic resolutions," Conyers said.
Ah, an interesting comment from a woman that voted for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney less than a year ago (not that a vote from the city of Detroit trying to nose its way into national politics would ever be considered "symbolic.")

But really, what more information could you possibly need Ms. Conyers? He lied to you and your fellow council members. This is proven and in the resolution. He has cost the city millions of dollars in a hush money lawsuit settlement. This is proven and in the resolution. He violated the Michigan Whistleblower Protection Act. This is proven and in the resolution. His dawdling in filing a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for over two years has delayed payment to the city of millions of dollars in tax sharing revenue. This is proven and in the resolution. His poor management skills still leave the sale of Detroit side of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel months from completion. This is proven and in the resolution. He committed perjury and fought tooth and nail to keep the evidence hidden. This is proven and in the resolution. His actions have personally steered at least one convention away from the city in the past month. This is proven and in the resolution.

In addition, he has used the mayor's mansion as a strip club, spent tens of thousands of city dollars on personal entertainment and lodging, is suspected of steering lucrative city projects to cronies, has lost much of the support of community business leaders, and has helped to make the city a national laughing stock.

Yep, Monica, probably not enough here to actually vote for Kwame to tender his resignation--it would be much better for the city to be dragged though the mud a little longer.

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