Thursday, March 06, 2008

Palestinians Celebrate Terrorist Shooting of Civilians in Jerusalem

Recent events in Israel and Gaza should go a long way toward indicating to even the most bias of observers which side in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict has embraced evil.

Daily unprovoked rocket attacks on Israeli soil from Hamas controlled Gaza finally drew a response last week from the Jewish state. Israel launched a military incursion into Gaza that led to the deaths of dozens of Palestinians, some of whom were innocent.

Israel justified its action of attacking sites in Gaza by noting they specifically targeted rocket launching sites as well as suspected terrorist hideouts--lairs and launching sites intentionally located in populated civilian areas. At no time did Israel target innocent victims, and there have been no public announcements by citizens or government officials that painted the civilian loss of life as anything other than accidental and unfortunate.

Today there was a shooting within a Jerusalem religious school where eight innocent students were gunned down in cold blood. The response was slightly different from the Palestinian side where spontaneous parties broke out as the news spread.

Apparently the death of any Jew, whether civilian, innocent, or child, is never unfortunate.

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