Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Speech In Detroit

From a speech delivered today in Detroit:

Tonight, no one is talking about insolvency. Tonight, no one is talking about bankruptcy. Tonight, no one is talking about receivership.
You are right, Kwame, but what are they talking about?

Broken kneecaps? Murdered hookers? Crony contracts? Expense accounts? Wild parties at the Mayor's mansion? Extravagant expenditures charged to city credit cards? Hush money? Fired cops? Cover ups? Sordid text messages?

You write a great speech Mr. Mayor, though its delivery in front of empty City Council member's chairs, members too disgusted with your behavior to even attend, should say something to you about what is actually being discussed tonight.

You had a chance, Mr. Kilpatrick. You had a chance to change Detroit for the better, not just in terms of its infrastructure and finances, but you also had the rare opportunity to help residents of Michigan's greatest city feel a renewed pride in the place that they call home. Where many people have felt trapped in your city for a generation, you, more than anyone else in that generation, had the opportunity, nay, the responsibility as mayor, to lead Detroit into a new era.

But, while that sort of vision and leadership is a vital part of your speech writing and delivery, it has been virtually absent from your day to day activities. You talk a great game Mr. Mayor, but you are an irreverent fool.

That is what they are talking about tonight.

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