Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shia Militias Target Shias In Bombing

Given the latest bombing in Baghdad that killed 13 people, it is difficult to think that main stream Shia will find a path to the end of their darkness that does not include the US military or the Iraqi government.

We knew al Qaeda had the moral emptiness to target innocent civilians in their quest for political chaos in Iraq. We also knew that Shia militias in Iraq were capable of killing Sunnis indiscriminately for retribution against the Sunnis who controlled political life in Iraq during the Saddam years.

However, I'm not certain that the average Shia believed that his own militias would intentionally target him and his children while pretending to be al Queda, just to mislead the public into thinking that the value of the Shia militias had not ceased.

It appears as if it is now time to believe.

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