Friday, November 30, 2007

Michigan has a New Chief Operating Officer

Nick at Right Michigan has a good post today on the gentleman hired by our beloved Governor to be Michigan's first state COO. The position was created to help the state streamline its bureaucracy while attempting to issue in an atmosphere of economic expansion and job creation--two things this state desperately needs.

The promise of the new position had many people within the private sector encouraged until, that is, Daniel Krichbaum proved to be the selection. Nick has a checklist:

[...]so lets see how the new Governor... errr.... COO measures up.

Methodist minister... yep, check.

Former taxpayer funded employee of the city of Detroit... uh huh, check.

Leader of a non-profit who's goal is to further regulate businesses... got it, yes, check.

Experienced business leader... hmm... don't see that on his resume.

Respected for his ability to cut costs and get through red tape... no, looks like his roles have been much more aligned with creating red tape then cutting it.

Matches the criteria of the group of female executives we've heard were so influential in the process... no, not really.

This guy's kind of a curious choice, isn't he? Maybe I'm all wet. Let's see what the experts are saying about the Governor's new COO, Daniel Krichbaum.
Well, he is a curious choice when you consider his current position as president and CEO of the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion.

Read Nick's whole article and then write down a date when you think the first department head in state government will be asked to attend a diversity training session to be offered by the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion. Because that, my friends, will help to catapult this state to the top of the heap!

2 comments: said...

Thanks for the hat-tip. I still contend that if the Governor didn't want to be the "captain" of the ship she shouldn't have run against that business guy with business leadership experience who'd turned around a billion dollar company.


The Rougman said...

The voters of Michigan are largely a bloc of dummies understanding little about economics and they resoundingly chose Granholm over DeVos on primarily economic concerns.

I was at least encouraged recently by Granholm's admission that she knew jack squat about job creation and she was going to hire someone on board that could get the ship going in the right direction.

Then she selected this yokel as her bail-out. It's like the kid with 10 chances to correct the homework and keeps screwing it up.

If it wasn't such serious business it would be a great joke.