Monday, November 19, 2007

If Bad News Is Reduced Either Keep Silent Or Report Worry Over Bad News Returning

It isn't that the mass media is biased, it is simply being careful to, you know, make certain that any short term positive signs in Iraq are weighed carefully against longer term trends to determine if a new trend can be established, and in what direction that trend might be aimed.

While good journalists should not report a downturn in violence because of incomplete evidence, they would be negligent for not reporting that some leaders are worried that the alleged downturn in violence might not last, well, if it even exists at all.

I'm not understating the situation in Iraq because I certainly recognize its fragile state, but I'm also not overstating when I say that journalists and the media at large are more concerned with framing the news out of Iraq than they are in reporting it objectively and without bias.

Big shock there.

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