Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Get Osama" Too Controversial
for New York DMV

Good grief, even Nancy Pelosi wants this guy dead (providing, of course, that no terrorist was forced to endure the torture of waterboarding while being softened up by Dick Cheney's CIA killbots before spilling the beans on his location) but that doesn't mean that the tender touch-me-nots at New York's Department of Motor Vehicles are as calloused as San Fran Nan'.

In fact, according to the DMV, the vanity plate "Get Osama" is patently offensive.

From wcbsty.com via DhimmiWatch:

He's the most wanted man in the world, or as President Bush once put it: "He's wanted dead or alive."

Just like the president, Arno Herwerth of Hauppauge on Long Island wants to get "Osama" also, and he's making it known.

Herwerth sports a "Kill Bin Laden" T-shirt, and one look at his boldly adorned vehicle will tell you his campaign against the 9/11 mastermind is at the forefront of his patriotic-led life.

"I feel the man's a mass murderer. He should be killed. He should be dead," Herwerth told CBS 2 HD.

So when Arno, a retired NYPD sergeant, ordered personalized "Get Osama" license plates from the DMV, he said he thought he was being patriotic.

"It's the only way to deal with him. He's killed thousands of people. The man is akin to Adolph Hitler," said Herwerth.

But now he told CBS 2 HD, the DMV has put the brakes on his plates, claiming they are offensive.

In a letter addressed to Herwerth, the DMV said they "prohibit the issuance of any license plate combination that is, 'in the discretion of the commissioner, obscene, lewd, lascivious, derogatory to a particular ethnic group or patently offensive.'"
Masterminding the deaths of 3,000 Americans isn't worthy of a Get Osama plate because it offends someone? The world has gone mad.

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