Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The French Strike!

Socialists hate the free market system because of its basis in greed--all those suits scurrying around chasing the almighty dollar. Capitalists are in it, so they say, for personal gain with little thought of the "common good." There is little argument for reform by socialists, however, when top-heavy governments begin their destined and predictable spiral into decay and chaos which, if you think about it very long, isn't a real boon to your average cheese buyer either.

Evidence: France (from the BBC.)

In Paris on Wednesday, more than 50,000 people took to the streets to protest against Mr Sarkozy's reforms. Other demonstrations were held across France.

Nationwide fewer than a quarter of trains and only 90 of the 700 high-speed TGVs ran normally, while just one in five subway trains on the Paris metro and only 15% of bus services were operating.

Across France, commuters were forced to find other ways to get to work - car sharing, cycling or roller blading along traffic-choked roads.
Ostensibly all done out of kindness and concern for the wellbeing of others.
In Wednesday's other developments:

* French electricity grid power output was down by 8,000 megawatts amid walkouts by EDF electricity and GDF gas workers
This electric cut-off in a country where over 10,000 people died during a heat wave only a few years ago. You would think a third world country like France could use all the electricity it could muster for, you know, little things like heaters, defibrillators and oxygen machines.
* Shows at the Paris opera and Comedie Francaise were cancelled as performers joined the strikes

* Thirty-five of France's 85 campuses were disrupted by blockades as students protested against a law letting universities accept private donations and charge tuition.
The next generation of socialist sympathizers refusing to be weaned off the government teat--not for themselves but for the common good!

This is the inevitable course of socialism--slow descent into fiscal and moral collapse.

Vote Hillary!

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