Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Naseem Should Grow Up

What hypothetical situation could have Naseem so worked up?

....to be looking at and possibly droolling [sic] over his pregenant [sic] wife's abdomen and possibly her private parts....I mean he will have failed in his faith...and his muslima understands completely what he is going through....she will risk her life to ensure he does not shirk from his faith...

all I can say is that thank Allah SWT that there is a good supply of Imams in that part of the world to resolve important life and death situations, without loss of faith.
As it turns out this is no hypothetical, and the horrid situation being described here by Naseem took place when a male anesthetist tried to ease a wife's pain of emergency c-section surgery over the protestations of a husband's Islamically induced irrationality.

Naseem is a commenter at Dhimmi Watch and he is in full support of the blathering husband.

This didn't occur in some third world country where we routinely expect to see women treated as pets of convenience, but in Belgium, that shining monument to multiculturalism and non-judgmentalism. And never has there been a clearer example of what can occur when a society refuses to recognize the evil of other cultures for what it is--the evil encroaches ever farther into the host society while the citizenry becomes either too cowed or indifferent to balk.

Why should a Muslim man feel he can infiltrate a western culture and insist it must respond to the demands of his backwardness? Why, because too few people have stood up and said that he cannot.

Belgium, that pearl of Europe, is a lot closer to America than many think.

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