Thursday, November 15, 2007

Endangering A Child for Political Purposes

If you were a garden variety dreg you might spend your Friday night at a protest designed to block military shipments to our brave men and women fighting overseas in the military.

If you were the lowest form of scummy dreg, however, you might well raise the ante by taking your children to the protest with you and placing them in front of the trucks you are trying to stop--daring the driver to put his foot on the accelerator. All the while, of course, willing to take the chance that an accident will not occur, but if it does, gladly cashing in those children's lives for the movement.

Lock this monumental moron up for child endangerment and get those kids out of her malfunctioning, disaster-waiting-to-happen home.

From Michelle Malkin.

Words cannot express the contempt I have for this useless lump of flesh.

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