Thursday, November 08, 2007

Measuring Gender Fairness

Our society and the world is obsessed with the concept of fairness probably because jealousy is one of humanity's more primal emotions. Though the good book commands that we should not covet it seems that the downtrodden, sociologists and politicians are pretty interested in at least measuring what it is that we should not be coveting in the first place.

Enter The World Economic Forum's colorful study titled "The Global Gender Gap Report 2007."

To be clear, this study does not necessarily measure the quality of life, but simply some of the major disparities between men and women in categories such as education, work force penetration, and salary. In such measurements the professional measurers of fairness must lump everything together and then determine who is getting screwed. According to this latest study, Cuba (rated 22) is kicking the United State's (rated 31) butt in gender issues.

No word yet as to whether American feminists have organized a flotilla to leave Miami to head to Havana. Because, as we all know, the ability for women to live equally in a tin shack with dirt floor is more desirable than living in relative wealth and comfort whilst being governed by fewer women.

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