Monday, November 12, 2007

Host Countries Responsible for Immigrant Crime and Xenophobia

Western countries are responsible for causing immigrants to turn to crime and for xenophobia according to an award winning Priest in Italy.

Many of Italy's immigrants were turning to crime because they were given a poor reception and too little support, according to a priest honored for his scholarly work.

Father Enzo Bianchi, who founded the Monastic Community of Bose outside the northern Italian town of Turin, was one of two authors awarded the Premio Grinzane prize at a special ceremony in Puglia at the weekend.

Bianchi (photo) said Italy was facing a "critical situation" because waves of immigrants were coming from poor countries. He said the government and individuals needed to do more to make immigrants welcome.

"There is no will to really do something for them, we push them into crime," Bianchi said. "We should ask ourselves what is the meaning of reception if we can't give them a house or food."

"There is no will to really do something for them, we push them into crime and this causes xenophobia."
In other words give them food and a house before they feel the need to steal it from you.

From Adnkronos International.

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