Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"What about my children?"

Funny thing that, when faced with a stint in prison, Monica Conyers finally took the time to consider her children.

Were her thoughts on her children when she begged for "loot," when she squeezed businessmen, and when she shoved her city even farther down a rat hole? Was she thinking about her children when she turned city council chambers into a circus? Was it her children she had in mind when she threw punches at hotel bars or created other public relations disasters? I really don't think so.

In fact, in her role as a public servant she should have considered more than just her own children, she should have been considering all the children that live within Detroit. She did neither. While her children may have innocently gained the benefits of a few thousand of their mother's illegally obtained dollars, did the children from her city gain by its extortion? Did they benefit as businesses fled, as neighbors boarded up their homes, as whole neighborhoods turned feral?

I'm sick and tired of politicians victimizing those whom they are supposed to represent. This one cries for her children's welfare after she alone endangered it, yet she doesn't cry a tear for the children of other parents whom she helped to victimize.

Monica Conyers should have asked that very important question before she took office. She should have ample time now to consider it anew.

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