Monday, March 08, 2010


I had planned to leave my humble abode on Friday morning for a weekend that would provide the perfect mix of orthodontia and fun.

At the last moment I left on Thursday afternoon and was unable to properly notify my loyal readers. (Sorry, Mom.)

I had an unexpected thrill while I was away. (No, Mom, you can continue reading.)

Living in northern Michigan, I am able to hear coyotes quite often. Coyote territory includes most if not all of North America. Despite this, most Americans rarely if ever see them. Personally, I have never seen a single coyote in my life when I wasn't behind the wheel of a car either near or after dark. This typically makes for quick glimpses of the elusive animals rather than an opportunity to really watch them.

That all changed on Friday morning when this beautiful animal sauntered into the yard behind a friend's house. He was in no hurry.

Isn't he beautiful?

As for my first day back, I have a lot of running around to do today but should be online later this afternoon/evening to do some posting.


Anonymous said...

"Isn't he beautiful?" your friend or the coyote?


Rougman said...

Well, the coyote. But, as you probably realize, NTTWBAWWT.