Friday, March 26, 2010

Perhaps Mike Prusi Should Resign

"Maybe you can look (state employees) in the eye and tell them their jobs aren't worth what we negotiated, but I can't do that," said Sen. Michael Prusi, the Senate's top-ranked Democrat.
Well, maybe he shouldn't be in the Michigan State Senate.

Maybe Mike didn't take economics while he was at Lansing Community College. If he had, perhaps he would have learned that a gaggle of people in expensive suits cannot arbitrarily decide what something is worth.

Maybe he skipped government class in high school. Looking state employees in the eye is part of Mike's job. Making decisions that affect millions of people is what politicians do. He should have been aware of that before he ever ran for office. (If nothing else, maybe they should have covered that at freshman senator orientation.)

Businesses cut back when they fear going belly up. That is also what taxpayers do when they can no longer live by a previous budget. Why can't Mike Prusi do so? Is the allure to unwisely spend other people's money too irresistible to withstand?

Perhaps this helps to explain why voters should never elect a union local president into public office. He is in Lansing supposedly representing the taxpayers, but he is there instead representing the union.

He sits his butt in high office in a state with over 14 percent unemployment, plummeting property values and tax receipts, declining residents, and facing a potential $1.7 billion deficit, and he is still unable to cut whatever costs he can.

He solemnly says he cannot do it. Perhaps it is time for a man who admits he is incapable of doing his job, to go home.

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