Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monica...Sell Your Stuff

One can assume that Monica Conyers did not qualify to receive unemployment compensation when she quit her job at the Detroit City Council last June after admitting guilt in the midst of a bribery investigation. Bummer.

When Conyers left her job on the council she was knocking down in the neighborhood of $81,000 a year. Of course this does not include any under the table loot (estimated to be in the $50,000 range) she received through a networking model promoted in a self-help book co-authored by Tony Soprano and Sam Riddle.

Less than nine months after voluntarily leaving her office and admitting her guilt, she is appealing the process through which she was sentenced to serve 37 months in prison. The appeal will be conducted by attorneys paid for by the taxpayers because Ms. Conyers now claims to be destitute.

For the record, Ms. Conyers' husband receives an annual compensation of $174,000 for his stellar work in the US Congress.

Perhaps Ms. Conyers blew all her well earned money during her months of salary deprivation, and rumors are that she really likes her some gaudy jewelry. I have a hard time believing however that Ms. Conyers would be unable to sell some of the valuable items she acquired through her years on the take in order to defend herself from accusations that she acquired valuable items through her years on the take.

I have no problem with taxpayer money being paid to attorneys who represent indigent defendants or those incapable of funding a reasonable defense. I do have a problem with well paid government bureaucrats receiving borrowed Chinese money on the taxpayer dime so that they can protect assets plausibly collected through schemes that victimized the taxpayers to begin with.

Once Ms. Conyers sells all her stuff I would be more inclined to chip in a little bit and after almost twenty years of marriage with her beloved hubby, I'm not against her selling some of John's shit either. After all, it wouldn't be the first time she sold something that didn't technically belong to her.

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