Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Mike Prusi Looks Out For His Own

If Mike Prusi was stone cold broke and was having trouble paying his bills, would he offer his employees a 3% raise?

The problem with Michigan bureaucrats, other than the fact that so many of them are abjectly stupid, is that they spend taxpayer money as if it grew in a garden. It has no meaning to them.

They do not answer to the taxpayers that still remain in this state. They answer instead to the well cemented union employees that have better pay and benefits than their struggling counterparts that work in the private sector.

But Senate Minority Leader Mike Prusi, D-Ishpeming, led the opposition, saying state employees have already given large concessions and are working harder, with fewer employees.

“When is enough enough? I think now is enough,” Prusi said.
Prusi cries about union employee sacrifices like they've stormed the beaches of Normandy. Hey, I know they've made sacrifices. So what? To even live in Michigan these days means you have sacrificed. Everyone here has made sacrifices.

Mike, why don't you look out for me, the taxpayer?

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