Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Bernstein Running for Michigan Attorney General

I've had just about all of the Bernstein family I can take. You know, "call Sam," and all that.

Sam Bernstein has himself a quaint little ambulance chasing law firm down in Farmington Hills that inundates the Michigan airwaves with advertising. His three children are also attorneys at the firm.

When I was a kid I was taught that good friends would always be there for you, and as a good friend you should be there for them too. Later in life I learned that good friends don't let friends drive drunk. Now, thanks to Sam Bernstein, I've learned that good friends will tell a friend who is injured to go find himself a lawyer.

Now, I find out that it isn't bad enough that I have to watch the Bernstein clan on every Red Wings telecast, it appears for the next several weeks at least I'll also have to watch Richard Bernstein, the youngest son, as he mounts a campaign for Michigan attorney general.

Sorry Richard, I'm sure you are a nice guy, but there is no way on Earth I'm going to support a shameless ambulance chaser in the attorney general's office. Your firm is already making a mark on the Michigan business climate by helping to drive up insurance rates for everyone and making it more expensive to do business here in Michigan when our state needs exactly the opposite influence. Besides, you bug me during hockey.

It hurt me to have had to say it. Now, who can I sue?


Hershblogger said...

Trial lawyers? Big time Democrat contributors.

Tort reform? Not if Democrats have their way. Ask Howard Dean.

Friends don't let friends watch Bernstein commercials.

Rougman said...

I've developed a talent with the DVR remote. One quick glance at any of the ugly Bernsteins and I'm able to instantaneously skip 30 seconds of otherwise disgust.

If only I could skip any references to the "Call Sam Studio."