Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Glittering Example of UN Success

This time it is in Somalia.

From the USA Today:

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Up to half the food aid intended for the millions of hungry people in Somalia is being diverted to corrupt contractors, radical Islamic militants and local U.N. workers, according to a U.N. Security Council report.

The report blames the problem on improper food distribution in the Horn of Africa nation, which has been plagued by fighting and humanitarian suffering for nearly two decades, according to a U.N. diplomat who spoke on condition of anonymity because the report has not yet been released.
Somalia is a cesspool of Islamism. Its economy is incapable of supporting itself and it must therefore beg foreign entities to feed its masses--to which, admirably, the UN has tried to step to the plate.

The problem is, of course, that it is impossible to peaceably inject sustenance into a poverty stricken backwater under the firm control of Islamic radicals who seek to, on one hand, control much of the population through the control of resources, and on the other hand, reject all potential economic advancements for its people because these advancements are considered inconsistent with Islam.

Through its efforts the UN has managed to shove less than half of its targeted aid to the places it wishes it to reach, while a majority of its resources have been gouged away by Islamists, corruption, and UN workers. A majority of the aid, as a result, further empowers those who have power, and further enslaves those who are at the mercy of the corrupt.

The moral question is this: Should the UN continue to feed all the malnourished people that it can in Somalia knowing full well that most of the aid it sends well help to perpetuate the problem? In other words, is paying perpetual extortion a worthy charity?

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