Monday, March 29, 2010

There Must Be Anger at the RNC

It goes with the territory. If you're going to plead for money through phone and mail solicitations and otherwise badger the crap out of people who work too hard for their money only to be rewarded right about dinner time by a Republican looking for a painful donation, don't get too analytical when you're caught wasting that donated change on a few leather leavened welts.

I want to see anger at the top. I want to see an egg fry on Michael Steele's forehead.

I don't want to see or hear anything else out of the top brass at the Republican National Committee over the next few days since it was just reported that the committee reimbursed nearly $2000 for entertainment at a bondage themed strip club in California last month. Mom didn't donate part of her Social Security so some pervert could drink $89 cocktails while getting his rocks polished by Misty or Cherri.

Michael Steele had the proper reaction by blowing a gasket when he learned of the expense. He did the right thing by demanding that whoever made the charges would repay the committee and then be summarily shot at dawn.

However, it was alluded to earlier today by someone from the RNC that the DNC has been guilty of similar events in the past and didn't receive nearly as much scrutiny. I cannot attest to the truth or falsity of that claim, but I don't give a rat's ass about any of that and I doubt that Mom cares much either.

The RNC is supposed to act according to standards that are higher than those held by the DNC. Otherwise what's the point of all those $1000 suits at the convention and all those perfect manicures?

If the RNC wants to get to the bottom of this and fire a few people I will hesitantly bite my tongue, but if it chooses to engage in silly relativism they can expect to get hung up on whenever they phone my residence looking for whatever I can spare.

I don't expect Republicans to be just the same as Democrats, and if they do, I don't want that to be the justification.

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