Friday, November 13, 2009

Talk About Jobs

How will a jobs summit benefit the people who are out of work?

Will some epiphany strike the forum leaders? Will some new morsel that has never before occurred to anyone, come out of this summit and help revolutionize our economy? Or, more likely, will sound and established economic theory be pushed aside again by government hobnobs in favor of feel good policies that will ultimately punish those most productive in our society in favor of workers who cannot practice any trade without an employer?

We already know how to create jobs in this country. The problem is that the jobs we have proven we can create come at a cost that government officials are not willing to pay. They are not going to be willing to have a disparity of income so they must punitively tax the rich and vilify corporations. They are not going to allow favored constituencies to suffer without earmarked payoffs. They are not going to go forward without a system in place that will allow them to methodically spread the wealth around among citizens of this country and citizens of the world. They are not going to allow the country to grow naturally and robustly when sustained economic growth ultimately results in CO2 output.

This job summit will be a grand opportunity for this administration to talk in emotional terms about solutions that cannot be reached with emotional abandon.

We know how to create jobs in this country, but ten percent unemployment is more palatable to the powers that be than is five percent unemployment where the rich control too large a percentage of the pie. As long as we are afraid to lavishly reward the most productive members of our society we will be tamping down on their productivity and the jobs they create.

For some odd reason I do not believe this will be a theme of Obama's job summit.

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